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Refund Policy

Standard payments made to obtain your IQ results are not refundable, as the service has already been provided immediately after payment. Therefore, the user declares that he/she has no right of withdrawal and will not exercise it.

In special cases, such as technical problems with our servers or duplicate payments, we may refund your payment. You can contact us with a justified reason for the refund and we will refund your payment if your case is accepted.

Chargeback & Dispute Policy

We take fraudulent and inaccurate chargebacks and disputes seriously with zero tolerance (including attempting to resolve the issue with us first). We will treat this as friendly fraud. We will take strong measures and report them to your credit/debit card provider, which might result in your account being terminated.

Have an Issue with Your Order?

If you have any issues with receiving or downloading our digital products, please contact us directly on mail@iq-online-test.com and we will do our best to resolve the issue.