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IQ Test

What is the IQ test?

IQ is an acronym that stands for intelligence quotient. The IQ test is a great way to measure your intelligence, mental quality, and cognitive abilities. It will help you learn more about yourself. It is routinely employed by educational institutions as part of the placement and selection process. It is also required from candidates as a part of a job application.

The IQ test is very useful for understanding how people think and process information. It measures the person's reasoning, problem-solving and logical thinking skills. Moreover, It reveals the strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve in those areas and perform better at work or school, and it can even help you choose your career path!

Who we are

Our research team consists of a group of Ph.D. researchers in the fields of psychology and cognitive behavioral science. In order to develop a trustworthy IQ test, data science has been used extensively to conduct many studies on brain activities when solving IQ questions, and the results helped us when developing our test.

Our platform is inspired by the original official IQ test provided by iqjp.org. Our IQ test is designed to encompass similar principles and criteria and aim to provide an accurate assessment of an individual's cognitive abilities and intellectual potential.

We developed a series of questions that tells us a lot about your intelligence. You will be subject to 25 questions, your answers will be evaluated as well as the time taken to complete the test, after which you will be given an IQ score. You will also be informed how proficient you are at classification, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and spatial reasoning.

Spatial reasoning

The ability to think about objects in spatial dimensions and how to draw conclusions from them.

Pattern recognition

The ability to recognize and extract patterns and recognize order in a chaotic environment.

Logical reasoning

The ability to draw conclusions from limited facts and how to recognize them.

Classification skill

The ability to put all relevant information together and make sense of it.

How is IQ score calculated?

The general IQ calculation formula = Intellectual Age ÷ Actual Person's Age x 100. However, the number of questions answered correctly, test duration, and age are considered in calculating the intellectual age.

The points are awarded based on the question difficulty, with considering the time factor. Easy questions usually take 15 seconds, while the medium ones take between 30 to 60 seconds, and around 90 seconds to answer the hard ones.

Why should you take an IQ test?

The IQ test can determine the level of problem-solving, logical thinking, and reasoning abilities. Additionally, it assesses cognitive abilities, general knowledge, and the capacity to choose wisely and take the right decision.

It also can be used for kids before school enrollment to determine whether they are gifted or have mental disabilities. It can also be helpful in finding a career that fits your personality. You can read more about reasons to take an intelligence test.

What is IQ Scale?

According to the IQ distribution chart, a normal person has an average IQ score of 100 points. With a standard deviation σ = 15 points from the mean, the IQ levels can be defined as follows:

  • IQ scores above 145 — are a sign of brilliance or genius. Few people can reach this level.
  • IQ scores from 131 to 145 — indicate that you are quite gifted.
  • IQ scores from 116 to 130 — suggest a superior level of intelligence.
  • IQ scores from 85 to 115 — this range is regarded to be typical for those with average IQs.
  • IQ scores from 70 to 84 — propose a borderline intelligence.
  • IQ scores from 55 to 69 — indicate that you have low intelligence.
  • IQ scores below 55 — are a sign of extremely low intelligence.

For those who attained a score below the average level and aim to improve their IQ score. You can always repeat the IQ test to see any improvements.

IQ distribution

55 70 85 100 115 130 145 Extremely Low Low Borderline Average Superior Gifted Genius

High IQ Traits

  • Strong reasoning capabilities
  • Observant & Perspicacious
  • Obsessed with perfection
  • Self-controlled & High self-esteem
  • Passionate & Dreamer
  • Strong memory retention
  • Great adaptability
  • Inexhaustible curiosity
  • Open minded & Flexible
  • High sense of humor

Low IQ Traits

  • Lack of logical thinking
  • Appeal to emotions
  • Little ambitious
  • Blaming attitude
  • Weak decision making capabilities
  • Learning difficulties
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Superficial thinking
  • Lack of critical thinking

Bell curve % classification

Bell curve is a visual representation of IQ levels with a standard deviation of 15 from the mean. It shows the proportion of people with each IQ level in the entire population. For instance, 68% of the population are classified as (Average) with IQ score in the 85 – 115 range. However, only 0.5% of the population are classified as (Genius) and have an IQ score above 145.

Extremely Low Low Borderline Average Superior Gifted Genius 0.5% 2% 13.5% 13.5% 68% 0.5% 2% IQ 55 IQ 70 IQ 85 IQ 115 IQ 130 IQ 145

Characteristics of IQ levels

The IQ score says a lot about a person, but the statement is not deductively proven; some traits have been seen in people within each IQ scale. Not all the traits mentioned are present in a person, but each person will check off at least three of the traits mentioned.


Rapid learner, quick to think and talk, excellent memory, curious, naturally driven, loves to tackle problems, and is a perfectionist.


An early reader, sensitive to the feelings of others and curious; he/she has high standards for himself/herself and other people, has an enormous vocabulary, is knowledgeable, is innovative and inventive.


Exceptionally adaptable, admits when he/she does not know something, curious, liberal, high discretion, considerate of others, learns and concentrates a lot, is extremely amusing and likes to be alone.


Passionate and emotional, Extremely fun-loving, effective in dealing with others, open-minded, smart, imaginative and artistic.


Deeply dependent on others for their basic needs, think they know everything, constantly blame others, and are self-centered.

Low / Extremely Low

Aggressive, narrow-minded, and unable to accept criticism. They have a hard time learning new ideas but can argue to no end.

Determinants of IQ

Individuals' IQs can be influenced by a lot of factors. However, Genetics and environment are the primary elements that shape intelligence for most people.


It is a fact that there is a correlation between genetics and IQ. It is one of the elements that have the biggest impact on a person's intelligence. By evaluating the variance in the genomes of a group of individuals, researchers attempted to determine which genes are associated with the IQ. They held the opinion that a tiny number of genes each contribute very little to IQ in a complicated context.


The environment has a huge impact on intellect as well. The formation of general intelligence occurs during a child's development. It is influenced by a variety of factors, including the home environment, parental education, socioeconomic level, culture, educational and learning opportunities, health care, and nutrition. Undoubtedly, not everyone who was raised in the same environment has the same level of intellect, but this is due to other factors that influence IQ.

Gender and IQ scores

We have examined the outcomes of 100,000 tests in our database for both genders. We concluded that there is little to no variation in average IQ between the genders. Men and women have average IQs of 100.97 and 100.59, respectively. However, men excelled in spatial challenges while women excelled at pattern recognition.

Male Female IQ 100.97 IQ 100.59

Country and IQ score

We have analyzed the data in our database and discovered that IQ differs between nations. Yes, that is correct. The geographical element affects and varies the IQ between nations. We believe that customs, and culture differences amongst nations can play an important role in the overall IQ of the nation.

We determined the average IQ for each nation and noticed that those who reside in warmer climates have lower IQs than those who reside in polar or even temperate climates. Japan came at the top of the leaderboard with 106-point. In fact, it is worth noting that the average IQ of the entire world population is 100.

Through us, you can monitor the average IQ of each country from accurate real-time data.

Average IQ by country
Japan Japan 106
Taiwan Taiwan 106
Singapore Singapore 105
Hong kong Hong kong 105
China China 104
South korea South korea 102
Belarus Belarus 101
Finland Finland 101
Germany Germany 100
Netherlands Netherlands 100
Canada Canada 99
Australia Australia 99
Switzerland Switzerland 99
United kingdom United kingdom 99
New zealand New zealand 98
Austria Austria 98
Denmark Denmark 97
Belgium Belgium 97
United states United states 97
Norway Norway 97
Sweden Sweden 97
France France 96
Poland Poland 96
Russia Russia 96
Ireland Ireland 95
Italy Italy 94
Spain Spain 93
Portugal Portugal 92
Israel Israel 92
Greece Greece 90
Ukraine Ukraine 90
Mexico Mexico 87
Turkey Turkey 86
Argentina Argentina 86
Brazil Brazil 83
India India 76

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to take the test?

The test has no time limit. However, it usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete. The time factor is taken into account when calculating the results. Therefore, we advise you to answer the questions as quickly as possible so that this will help to increase the IQ score at the end of the test.

What is the IQ score for normal people?

The average IQ is between 85 and 115. A normal person usually scores 100, which is the average general IQ of people, and some score higher and some score lower, but the person remains in the normal range if they score between 85 and 115.

What is the maximum IQ score?

The highest IQ score recorded was 160. People who achieve this score are considered genius. Note that the genius level starts at 146 and very few people (only 0.5% of the total population) can reach this level or higher. The highest documented IQ was for Albert Einstein, it was 160 points, and no one has yet attained a score greater than that.

Should I prepare and study before taking the test?

IQ tests are typically intended to measure your cognitive capacity and problem-solving abilities rather than your memory. However, the brain can be educated with IQ questions ahead of time so that it is prepared and accustomed to the questions' format. Additionally, to ensure that your level is accurately assessed, we advise that you complete the test in a calm setting with no distractions while paying close attention.

What I will receive after completing the IQ test?

Upon successful completion of the test, you will get a numerical score and a certified certificate with your name, date and score. You will also receive national and international rankings and a lifetime access to your results using your email address.

How many questions do I have to answer?

The IQ exam consists of 25 questions that must be answered, each from a distinct category. Multiple facets of intellect are measured by the questions. Researchers discovered that fewer than 25 questions are unable to effectively assess intellect level and that more than 25 questions can lead the examinee to lose concentration.

Can I access my results at any time?

Once your test is validated, you get a lifetime access to your results. You can recover your results using the email address that registered with us.

How many times are allowed to repeat the test?

You are allowed to repeat the test as many times as you like. You have a chance to improve your IQ score as long as you think you can perform better if you repeat it.

How accurate is the IQ test?

We provide a true and genuine IQ test online. The test was developed by professional psychologists and PhD researchers in the field of cognitive psychology and intelligence to give you a trustworthy and accurate IQ evaluation. The algorithm draws conclusions about district rankings based on real-time data. But as with any system, there is a margin of error, but we have a very low percentage, so we guarantee that you will get the best accuracy in measuring intelligence levels.

Why are you asking me for my personal information after completing the test?

Your private data is secure with us. We promise to keep it private and not divulge it to outside parties. However, data such as age, country, and specialization, will be used as a factor in determining your IQ level. A 12-year-old child may have a higher IQ than a 28-year-old adult, even though they answered the same number of questions correctly, because of the age factor in determining intelligence level.

Which is better: online or paper-based IQ assesment?

The debate over whether online or paper-based IQ assesment is better is unresolved. However, there are a few crucial factors to consider when making this choice: First, you can take it online whenever you want and from any location. The fact that it is available in many different languages is another benefit. However, the paper-based version can be more accurate and reliable and cheating is also more difficult, therefore it's a better choice for those who want to make sure their results are accurate.

The Ultimate Guide to IQ Test

The Ultimate Guide to IQ Test

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6 Methods to Measure Intelligence

6 Methods to Measure Intelligence

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How Important is Your Intelligence Quotient?

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What is the Correlation Between Genetics and IQ?

What is the Correlation Between Genetics and IQ?

Scientists have found that intelligence is a composite of many different factors, including genetics. However, environmental factors also play an important role in how intelligent a person can be. Research has shown that poor nutrition, lack of sleep, excessive stress, and lack of socialization are all correlated with lower IQ scores.

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11 Advices Will Help You Score High in IQ Quiz

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11 Reasons to Take an Intelligence Test

11 Reasons to Take an Intelligence Test

Have you ever questioned your true level of intelligence? The only reliable way to find out is to take an IQ test, which compares your skills to those of the general population and tells you how you compare to the rest of us. If you're wondering what IQ stands for, it stands for Intelligent Quotient. Tests to measure your IQ takes into account your capacity for reasoning, your capacity for problem-solving, and even your capacity for remembering knowledge that has already been given to you.

9 Reasons Why IQ Scores Matter More Than You May Think

9 Reasons Why IQ Scores Matter More Than You May Think

Experts and academics have disagreed about the significance of IQ levels. Now and then, a new piece reignites the discussion, with comments from both sides. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. These tests will undoubtedly evolve with time, but IQ scores continue to assess highly valuable aspects of human aptitude in particular fields.

11 Ways to Improve Your IQ Level

11 Ways to Improve Your IQ Level

We have all, by definition, taken the genetic lottery. Some of us have achieved greater success than others in a certain field. While genetics have a role in IQ, there are some things you can do to raise your IQ and general mental acuity. It pays off to take IQ test preparation seriously because it largely boils down to keeping your brain engaged.

Emotional Intelligence: Why is EQ Very Important?

Emotional Intelligence: Why is EQ Very Important?

Being emotionally intelligent is important in many aspects of your life, from making friends to succeeding at work. However, emotional intelligence has long been thought of as something that you either have or don't and isn't necessarily influenced by intelligence quotient (IQ). This assumption no longer holds, however; new research suggests that the IQ you do have can affect your EQ, even if the way it does so isn't what you might expect.

9 Tips Will Turn Your Child Into a Genius

9 Tips Will Turn Your Child Into a Genius

A high IQ can open up many doors in life, and more importantly, it helps children have higher self-esteem, better problem-solving skills, and stronger social skills than those who aren't as smart. While you can't change the genes your child inherited from you or your partner, there are plenty of things you can do to increase their intelligence. To see how you can make your little one smarter, here's a look at some easy ways to boost their IQ.

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